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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Experience

 Hey , this is Shamar , Sabrina , and Minnie. We work at Our School At Blair Grocery , We are the students that work for the Job1 Program. This job is a life changing experiment we help garden , compost , feed ghosts, pig , and chickens. After we finish feeding the animals we do Workshops about what we have learned at Our School At Blair Grocery. Another thing , is that we had volunteers from New York City come down an help us achieve greatness.

They have all  types of jobs that we could do like compost, feed the goats, and whole lot of great things.We can learn how to grow things to and we recycle what ever we get. We get to go tours and view the wetlands and the Mississippi River with our buddies NY2NO. It be a lots of fun but work that have to be done in the heat. 

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