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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Service Learning 2013!

Join us!


Do you sometimes feel like going to school is like living in a bubble? Do you want to burst the bubble and get out into the real world, get hands on experience working with real world issues? This winter and spring break Our School at Blair Grocery invites you to join us for a Domestic Study Abroad Trip working with local youth in New Orleans’  Lower Ninth Ward we are calling:

Taking it out of the classroom and into the garden: working towards AnOther America

Sample Itinerary

Day 1
Service learners arrive
Welcome and Introduction
Tour of OSBG Site
Workshop: Solidarity vs. Charity
Movie and debrief: Trouble the Water
Lights Out

Day 2
Rotating Urban Farming Workshops in small groups: Composting
City Tour
Workshop: AnOther America

This workshop examines the extent of inequality and division in American society and, utilizing a systems thinking approach asks participants to theorize what its going to take to change it. (includes Derrick Jensen’s Star Wars)
Documentary with debrief: Boys of Baraka  
Lights Out

Day 3
Rotating Urban Farming Workshops in small groups: Sprouts and Microgreens
Neighborhood Mini-tour: shopping at the corner store
Workshop: Spotlight on Food Justice... Can we do justice just by growing food?

This workshop challenges us to analyze the broad spectrum of work being done by food justice organizations at the local and national level. (includes Francis Moore Lappe’s essay The City that Ended Hunger, Crimethinc’s Your Politics are Boring as F$@&))
Documentary and Debrief: FRESH The Movie
Lights Out

Day 4
Rotating Urban Farming Workshops in small groups: Growing in raised beds
Workshop: Where was the other 98.999% when we were

occupying wall street?
Given all that we have learned about the inequalities we face, this workshop examines the qualitative consequences of generations of division and the challenges they pose for Social Justice movement builders.
Movie and Debrief: The Matrix and the Will to Believe
Lights Out

Day 5
Rotating Urban Farming Workshops in small groups: Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms can save the world
Workshop: Visioning a 100% New Orleans

This workshop challenges service learners to think beyond the fleeting rhetoric of New Orleans as one united Who Dat Nation and get into the substance of what a more just and more united New Orleans will look like. (includes the majority opinion from Plessy v. Ferguson 1896)
Movie: V for Vendetta
Lights Out

Day 6
Rotating Urban Farming Workshops in small groups: Animal Husbandry
Workshop: Lil’ Wayne and Garrison Keillor building the compost pile? What!? Why!?
This workshop looks at Urban Farming as a possible cornerstone in creating communities of action that matter to all of us. (includes theater of the oppressed)
Debrief: The role of service learners in building a more just and civically engaged future, and imagining The Third Space
Lights Out

Day 7
Rotating Urban Farming Workshops in small groups: sale$ and marketing
Workshop: Project Planning: Where do we go from here?

This workshop is an opportunity for participants to lay out a concrete action plan for when they return home or go back to school. Includes asset mapping, leveraging resources, mission/vision statements, and an action plan.
Debrief: Reflecting on the experience and preparing to return to the bubble.
Lights Out

Day 8
Wrap Up
Participants Depart

The fee to participate in a trip is sliding scale from $100-$500 per person with group rates available. Food and lodging included.

To reserve a place for you or your group please click HERE! Download and complete the application, and then email it to Sam at with 'Domestic Study Abroad' in the subject line.


Saturday, December 1, 2012


We haven't done a post in a while, but we have plenty of good reasons. Here's what we and our restaurant partners have been up to:

Cafe B: Coriantder seared scallops on grilled kale, with satsuma, shaved fennel and radish
salad topped with our sango radish sprouts

Ralph's on the Park: Cornmeal Fried Rabbit, Mexican Grits, Roasted Tomatillos,  Poblano Sauce and Rabbit Jus  topped with our Sunflower Sprouts

Earlier this week Carmo hosted a sugar cane pairing dinner and featured several of our products:

Salada Santa Teresa
Grape tomatoes, grilled frescal cheese, cucumbers, red onions and aromatic peppers,
served in a bib lettuce cup with cane vinegar dressing and our 
baby arugula

Sugar Cane-Smoked Marlin w/ Long-Cooked Collards with Cane Syrup
Jaggery Cupuaçu Scallop topped with our sango radish sprouts
Rum-Cured Cold-smoked Tuna topped with our sunflower sprouts

Sugar Cane-Smoked Local Organic Tofu w/ Long-Cooked Collards with Cane Syrup
Jaggery Cupuaçu OSBG Oyster Mushroom topped with our sango radish sprouts
Rum-Cured Young Coconut with Smoked Kombu and Dulse topped with our sunflower sprouts

Yes, you read right: we're growing oyster mushrooms! Sam, Oliver, and Turner have started to crank out mushrooms. This week we sold almost 15 pounds!

The most recent news is that Deronte, who's been a part of OSBG since before the beginning, is now working in the kitchen of one of our newest restaurant partners: Commander's Palace! We've been raving about Deronte's cooking for years now, so it's no surprise to us. He'll be studying culinary arts next semester (along with two other majors!) at Dillard. So excited for him and for any one lucky enough to eat his food.