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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Growing Capacity

We're off to a exciting and unprecedented fall. The worst heat of summer is gone, so we're in prime growing season. We're midway through our fall planting:

Four foot beds ready to seed
Our first fall harvest is an old favorite of our's (and the chefs and grocery stores we sell to): arugula. Peppery and crisp, we've been told several times that our arugula is the best they've ever had. And last week we set a new precedent: 134 pounds!
Arugula coming up purdy and plentiful
One benefit from Isaac: oak logs for mushrooms
We've also begun a new partnership: This fall we will be working with Tulane students as part of the school's social entrepreneurship initiative and in collaboration with the Hope Garden. We've had groups of service learners with us the last two Saturdays and will throughout the semester.

growing gourmet mushrooms with Oliver 
cleaning the chicken coop with Ron and Johnathan


clearing land for fall plating with Rob

Putting up hay at far farm

Finally, earlier this month several of us drove up to Growing Power in Milwaukee for their biannual urban & small farm conference (look for a post on the conference soon). During the conference we participated in a press conference announcing Growing Power's partnership with the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. We're thrilled to be working with Kellogg again and to be growing our capacity with their support over the next five years!