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Monday, January 30, 2012

30 New Tiny Staff Members

Over the weekend we welcomed our newest little workers that should be trained up and ready to get to work by the summer. Our 10 year old neighbor Albrian helped us give them all names. So, with a little drumroll, help us welcome: Tia, Jai, Ciyonte, Jaylynn, Simone, Chantrice, Asia, Fercandy, Darnisha, Jasmine, Colette, Lajanae, Lajanique, Ariana #2, Grapefruit, Pina Colada, Yellow Dragon, Fruitcake, Ms. Cuddles, Blanch, Eileen, Kathy, Catrice, Crewmana Green, Michelle Pemberton, Marjiqua, Marquelle, Angel, Jeralyn, and Cherry. (all names are subject to change upon proof of prior pseudonym, gender change, and/or notice of copyright infringement)

Yellow Dragon Close-up

Awaiting Remodel of the New Home

Roosters Add Final Touches for Chicken Home Make-over

Welcome to Your New Home!

Enjoy Your Stay!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Second Hoop House Goes Up!

Maximizing Space in Hoop House #1, 50sq feet of more room!

Larry and Nathaniel re-built the shelves so the plants can get as much sun as possible.

We also re-arranged the water barrels to make them aisles.

Hoop House #2/Patches process:

Bending the metal poles to fit the outline of Hoop House #2/Patches.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Weeks of January Images

Here is a collection of images from what we have been working on this week!

Cabbage coming along nicely.

Rainbow Chard looking colorful.

Building a new soil sifter that proved to be very efficient.

Students from University of Montana visit for the week.

Derek and Jerimiah sifting soil

Carrots at St. Mary's where we have been working on some extra land given to us.