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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Here are some delicious pictures from two of our partner restaurants:

CARMO: Our Oyster Mushrooms atop cozido-roasted Kabocha yams, yucca, parships, kale, and pirao.
Carmo is a Tropical Cafe in the CBD (527 Julia Street). Brazilian and Indian cuisines are among the major influences, but their fusion is one of a kind. Lots of fresh fruit juices. Totally affordable and the staff is lovely.

SENTIMENTS: Brioche topped with all kinds of deliciousness including our arugula and house-made bacon!
Sentiments is one of our newest partners. A"Wine and Cheese Dive" in Bywater, the folks there are wine, cheese, and charcuterie experts. They're just plain passionate about it. An evening spent on their balcony is an evening well spent, a ready escape. Oh, and they share a building with another of our partners: Feelings.


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