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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

some after school pictures from today

sorry we've been so busy we haven't been posting pictures and updates. lots going on around here. guess what? the daytime students are taking responsibility for running the after school program!

derrick and marquelle working on their scarecrow

nathanael, jeremiah, derrick and darnisha stuffing the other scarecrow. apparently his name is "pimp daddy" because he's gonna pimp our garden.

twig, nathanael, brandon, josh (everybody loves josh!) and derrick are starting an after school art program at OSBG. got art supplies?

the after school folks are ripping out some experimental planters that never really worked for us so they can plant their own 40x40 garden space, sell the produce and share the profits. we will keep you updated as they move forward.

our cornerstone ministries americorps member lawrence (the hardest working man in grow business) is an amazing mentor with the younger ones and team leader. the young cats just can't keep up with him!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Announcing a New and Exciting Partnership

We're thrilled to officially announce our partnership with Cornerstone Ministries! Their commitment to seeing "the stone the builder refused" as the cornerstone is inspired and inspiring. We look forward to working with them along with their partners: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New OrleansAmeriCorps, and Sisters of the Holy Family. With their support we've hired three new AmeriCorps staff members: Derrick, Jeremiah, and Lawrence!

The Crew from Left to Right:
Rob, Ronnie, Jamie, Derrick, Andrew, Jeremiah, Mat,
Lawrence, Mike, Brenda, Nathanael, and Greg 

A month ago this was a lawn.
Now, a garden for the Sisters.

*For more pictures, check out our facebook page

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Big Step Forward!

Our new t-shirt gives you a sense of where we're headed:
Chickens, Bees, Fish, and Goats!
Earlier today the Board of Zoning Adjustments for the city of New Orleans approved our variance application, which means we are now officially recognized as a farm! Watch for new farming projects over the coming months.