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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A little roadtrip

On Tuesday we took a little roadtrip to Tangipahoa, Louisiana to see (from left to right): City Administrator R.M. Jackson, Mayor Michael Jackson and Cooper, Director of the Weed and Seed Program. You might have heard, they got a little farmland up that way.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What a wonderful beautiful TRASH

I went with my teacher one day on a field trip to someplace I had never gone too and I always was curious about. No, it wasn’t France. It was a place that you think I was screwy to question about…it was a dump site. Yes, a Dump Site. The place where all the trash of the city went to be tossed away, where all my McDonald wrappers were finally put to rest.

But was this actually necessary? Two teachers, Dave, my Urban Planning teacher and Kory, my food justice teacher gave us some questions to figure out the day before. “If food is waste along with other things that could be recycled then how much is actually trash?” This is something I never really thought about. I knew that people didn’t recycle because it cost a lot, I knew that paper, plastic, and metal was something recyclable, and I knew that food broke down over time, but I never knew what was being done about these things after they were taken to the site. Where they separated into separate piles like I had seen in movies? Were they all a giant plane of mixed up stuff like commercial showed then they shown those helpless children in other countries, or where they piled high as a mountain like a cartoon. I wanted to know this, for as now that I knew that everything was connected in had to know how much stuff we were poisoning in our cycles (and how much closer we were to the “Happening” I joked.) We went during the second class period in the oldest automobile the school owned. Dandy, the moody truck that gave us the bad feeling that we would crash anytime we rode in her. We had loaded our trash that we had in several trash cans and we were off. While we were driving to the site we talked about we talked about why we were going to a dump site.

Here are some facts I leaned.

75% of trash could be ether recycle, composted, or reused.

The biggest percent was made of Organic waste, paper, and wood stuff.

That glass and plastic does not break down over time, it stays.

That the site where all the Katrina and Rita damage trash was illegal.

And that trash pile would reach eight stories high.

Yes, eight stories high of garbage. That is how much stuff is the dump site. Why eight stories worth of trash? Well due to our mayor making this illegal site an order, it allowed whatever company to forgo all the rules and procedures in making and keeping a trash site. Yes, thank you mayor, now well have over 8.2 million cubic tons worth of stuff to up after you! But I can’t put all the blame on him; we are just as to blame as him.

We need to be aware of the things that we do to our environment, as well as nature. It’s funny how aware things you can be when surrounded by a whole site of trash while looking at beautiful birds.

I hope in the years to come, we will battle that way we deal with our waste so that those birds will have a beautiful place to live……..

And that the garbage trucks smell better. (phew!)

That’s all for now,
Brandon B. student of OSBG

Sunday, December 13, 2009

24 hours of rain

This is taken between Desire and Poland Ave. after 13 hours of rain, heavy winter rain.

(what's that about drainage?)

24 hours of rain and no harm done.

Robs leeks are finally getting taller.
Watch out Soup, here he comes.

What if all these empty lots were urban farms?
maybe we'd be getting somewhere with this rain management.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mid-December greetings!

Join us
this Monday, December 14th for a showing of "the Garden" at Our School,
1740 Benton st. in the Lower Ninth Ward.
Fresh organic munchies from our school garden and post-film debrief.

"A lush 14-acre community garden in the heart of LA is forced to fight for its right to stay. This film is a stunning documentary of the struggle, joy and chaos that complicates the movement to reclaim blighted land and rejuvenate our struggling neighborhoods and cities."

Suggested donated of $5 to help us grow!..
Eggs and produce also available for sale on request.

Come one come all and bring your brother, your mother, your neighbor, your father.
(...cousin, uncle, friend, that guy on the side of the road with the cardboard sign who's looking for something better...)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Check out our entry in ChangeMaker's "Improved Nutrition: Solutions through Innovation Challenge." And comment on our message board!

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